Operations Division

The Operations Division seeks to function as the primary first responder to scenes requiring police assistance and enforcing laws in an effort to maintain a safe community. Police Operations is divided into two bureaus: Patrol and Traffic Safety.

Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau is responsible for the suppression of all criminal wrongdoing. Patrol personnel are the first responders to most emergency situations. They conduct the initial investigation of all reported incidents of crime. The Evidence Technicians from within this bureau locate and collect forensic evidence in support of criminal cases. Other responsibilities are the maintenance of peace, ensuring order at public gatherings, enforcement of state and city laws and ordinances and mediation of disputes.

K-9 Program

There are 4 officers assigned to the K-9 program. There are 4 dogs trained in narcotics and tracking. These officers and their partners are not only involved in criminal apprehension, but in the identification of illegal contraband. They have been recognized with national awards and honors.

Traffic Safety Bureau

The Traffic Safety Bureau investigates motor vehicle collisions, assists the injured, and impounds disabled vehicles at accident scenes. Once this is accomplished, they properly document the incident through a Michigan State Accident Report provided by the Department of State Police. Further, this bureau is the primary traffic enforcement agency for the myriad of state and local traffic codes. This bureau trains and maintains a cadre of 30 part-time adult school crossing guards. These crossing guards ensure direct street safety for elementary students in grades K-6.

Online Accident Form
Please fill out the online accident form to provide your statement. Email completed form to traffic@sterling-heights.net.

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