Investigative Services Division

About the Division

The Investigative Services Division works to deliver professional, effective and efficient investigative services to the community. The primary responsibility of the Investigative Services Division is the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity occurring within the City. Police Investigations consists of 2 bureaus:

  • Detective Bureau
  • Youth Bureau

Specialized area within the division consist of the Computer Crimes Section which conducts forensic analysis of computer evidence.

Detective & Youth Bureaus

The Detective and Youth Bureaus consist of 3 squads of detectives. The 2 adult squads investigate criminal activity involving person 18 years of age or older. This includes the processing of arrest warrants, the investigation of check and fraud complaints, as well as general criminal complaints.

The Youth Bureau examines all law violations involving persons 17 years of age and younger, and works closely with the students, teachers and administrators of the secondary schools. This squad is also responsible for the investigation and subsequent prosecution of all cases involving child abuse and neglect.

Crime Suppression Unit

The Crime Suppression Unit enforces and investigates all drug law violations, gambling, prostitution and other vice crimes committed by suspects 18 years of age and older. Officers are also assigned to specialized units throughout Macomb and Oakland County and the metropolitan Detroit area including the Macomb Auto Theft Squad (MATS), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Oakland/Macomb Counties Gang and Violent Crime Task Force. Investigations are conducted, warrants are secured, and evidence pertaining to the case is appropriately handled. Cases are tracked and followed through the court process.

Continuing Education & Training

The investigators assigned to this division continually pursue training in all aspects of criminal investigations including interviewing, legal update, violent crimes, and the utilization of computers as investigative aids. This training is necessary to maintain and enhance the skills of the investigators.

Victim Assistance

Victim assistance and citizen satisfaction are key objectives to our approach toward lessening the effects of crime on our citizenry. Detectives work in close partnership with several social response agencies, such as Turning Point and the Macomb County Victims Assistance unit.

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