Solicitation Policy

Because Sterlingfest has community / family themes and draws large crowds to a limited public space, the City regulates a variety of activities that are unrelated to the event's theme. The following activities are prohibited in the designated special event areas shaded in red on the Sterlingfest map:
  • Persons cannot distribute handbills, literature, or any other items identifying or promoting their candidacy or organization, nor obtain petition signatures for causes (such activities will be permitted in the designated green areas on the attached map)
  • Persons cannot solicit on-site contributions
  • Persons cannot affix any sign or advertisement or erect any tent or temporary structure
  • Persons cannot affix any handbill to automobiles
Please note that the uncolored areas of the map are private property and not affiliated with City events. In addition, the above rules are merely a summary of the specific regulations applicable to this event. Please consult the City Code for additional regulations that are always applicable in City parks and on City property (rules relating to distribution of handbills, park activities, etc.).

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