At the Hearing

Failure to Appear

If the defendant (tenant) fails to appear at the court hearing, a default judgment will be entered.

Hearing & Judgment

If the defendant (tenant) appears and contests the matter, the judge will make a determination of the facts and enter a judgment based on the testimony and exhibits provided. If a jury trial is demanded, or the matter requires additional time for hearing, the court may require the defendant (tenant) to deposit future rent payments into an escrow account at the court until the case is settled.

Order of Eviction

10 days after the entry of the judgment, the landlord may obtain an Order of Eviction, which authorizes the court officer to remove the tenant from the premises.
If there is possession only, the fee is $55. Check or money order is the only acceptable form of payment. Make order payable to 41A District Court. A service fee will be required if service is to be completed by court officer.

Please be advised that court personnel are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. You should contact an attorney or legal aid society regarding landlord and tenant rights.