Public Notice Policy

City of Sterling Heights

Policy on Erection of Public Notice Signs on Rezoning/Use Variance/Planned Unit Development (PUD) Requests

1. The City of Sterling Heights requires that for all requests the subject property in question must be posted with a public notice sign. 

2. The City shall be responsible to prepare, erect, maintain and remove public notice signs involving all requests. 

3. Signs on such requests will be posted no later than fifteen (15) days before the public hearing. The sign will be erected in full public view along the road frontage of the property, which is sought to be rezoned. If the property has frontage on two major streets, two signs will be required to be erected. 

4. The Office of Planning staff in coordination with the Department of Public Works will check to make sure that all signs are erected within the above time frame. 

5. The public notice sign(s) shall remain up during the public hearing process on all requests. All signs will be removed by the City of Sterling Heights within five (5) working days of final action (i.e. approval or denial) by the City Council/Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals or withdraw the application. 

6. Should the City of Sterling Heights initiate any such request involving privately owned property, the erection of a public notice shall be required and it will be placed on the property line. 

7. By signing an application for any applicable petition that requires a sign, pursuant to this policy, the applicant grants the City of Sterling Heights the authority to place the public notice sign on the subject property. 

For any further questions, please contact the Office of Planning at (586)446-2360.