Request a Grant

Key Steps to Preparing Your Request for a Grant

The key steps in making a request of the Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation include the following:

  1. Identify and have available your organization's IRS tax exempt number. Applicants are required to show proof of non-profit status. Please submit copies of the documentation
  2. Review our program focus, criteria and the listing of programs we do not fund.
  3. Prepare to answer the following questions:
    • What is your organization's mission statement and background?
    • Please list the officers and any Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation or City of Sterling Heights personnel on your board of directors.
    • Give a brief summary of your project (no more than one page.)
    • What are the goals and expected outcome of your project?
    • How will you sustain this program after Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation support ends?
    • Please list other current or proposed contributors and actual or pledged levels of support.
    • Who are the clients, audience or people served by this program?
    • How will you measure the results of this program?
    • If approved, how will this grant be used?
    • How will you publicize this grant?  How will the Foundation be acknowledged?
    • The full Grant Application form has additional questions you must also complete.
    • How does your grand request support the Foundation mission?
  4. Complete a status report. Organizations who have previously received a grant must submit a status report within 1 year of the award date stated on the Grant Agreement. We cannot consider continued funding of an organization until all of our audit requirements have been completed.
  5. Make a copy of the completed application with any and all supportive documentation submitted for your records.

Grant Request Form (pdf)

Submit an Application

Applications may be submitted through postal mail or by email. Please attach copies of proof of your non-profit status, most recent audited financial statements, and project budget to the application. The Foundation’s Board of Directors will not consider incomplete applications. Submit applications to the Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation. Contact data appears on the Grant Request Application Form.