Animal Control

The Animal Control section responds to and investigates reported violations of the city’s Animal Control Regulatory Ordinance and other animal nuisance complaints. Animal Control Officers patrol the city’s streets and parks for released animal problems, enforce ordinances and impound deceased, stray or neglected animals.

Contact Us

Urgent(586) 469-5502
Animal Control Voicemail(586) 446-2879

Hours of Operation

7 Days/Week from 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Responding to Animal Incidents

Animal Control Officers respond to a variety of stray, dead and wild animal incidents including:

To request an officer response for an urgent or immediate need or concern, please contact non-emergency dispatch at 586-469-5502. For all other questions or concerns, you can leave a message for an Animal Control Officer at 586-446-2879.