Animal Bites

If your animal has bitten a human being, please follow the following procedures.


Following the bite, the animal must be quarantined for 10 days by one of the following methods:
  • The Animal Control officer may, at his/her discretion, quarantine the animal at animal control or an animal shelter with the owner responsible for the quarantine fee.
  • The owner can have the animal quarantined at his/her own expense at a veterinary clinic or at a licensed and approved animal kennel.
  • The animal may be confined to the owner's premises in a fenced-in yard or pen, in the owner's home or on a chain of sufficient strength to contain the animal. It shall be the decision of the Animal Control Officer as to which of the above methods shall be followed, and in any case, the animal is to be kept from having any direct contact with any other animal or with any persons other than the owner and his/her family.

Animals Without Rabies Vaccination

In case the animal has not been vaccinated for rabies, you must wait for 10 days (the quarantine period) before a vaccination can be given. If an animal is taken to a veterinarian for any reason during the quarantine period, he/she is to be advised that the animal in quarantine and the Animal Control Officer must be advised of any treatment given.

Symptoms of Illness

If you observe during the quarantine period that the animal is getting ill (upset stomach, paralysis, difficulty in breathing, etc.) or that there seems to be a change in its usual disposition (becomes highly excitable, unusually quiet, etc.) call the Sterling Heights Police Department immediately.

If the animal dies, keep it cool (refrigerated is possible) and call the Sterling Heights Police Department immediately. An animal that dies while in quarantine will be taken to a laboratory for testing to determine if the rabies virus is present. This expense is the responsibility of the owner.

Important Notices

Do not, under any circumstances, before the 10-day quarantine period has passed:
  • Kill the animal
  • Dispose of it in any manner
  • Remove from premises without first obtaining the permission of the animal control officer