Training Division

The Training Division develops, coordinates, facilitates, and conducts training to ensure that all personnel are proficient in the operation of all departmental equipment and technical skills.

Contact Us

Kelly Burgan (Chief of Training)586-446-2983
Eric Mackenzie (EMS Coordinator)586-446-2953
Kenneth Kogelmann (Training Officer)586-446-2982
Nadine Bakri (Account Clerk)586-446-2959

Duties & Responsibilities

The Sterling Heights Fire Department’s Division of Training and Safety is responsible for:

  • Delivering a variety of training programs
  • Developing proper safety techniques and procedures
  • Maintaining accurate and complete training records
  • Fostering professional growth and development among our Fire Department members

In addition to the training and education requirements, the Training Division is also responsible for the safety, health, and wellness of personnel, budgeting, research, and job performance requirements (JPRs). This division is also involved in the development of standard operating guidelines (SOGs), strategic planning, and goal setting.

Staff Structure

The division consists of a Division Chief, EMS Coordinator, and Training Officer. They are assisted by line officers and shift personnel who are certified as firefighting, engineering, driving, and emergency medical service instructors. Together, these professionals develop and deliver training programs which meet or exceed local, state, and national laws, regulations, and standards for fire and emergency service personnel.

Neighboring Fire Departments

We have partnered with several of our neighboring fire departments, local community college, and regional training facility with the goal of providing the highest quality training, education, instruction and evaluation possible. This commitment to excellence is intended to prepare our department to serve our community in the most efficient and effective manner possible, to ensure personal safety as we deliver our service, and to support the mission and core values of the department and the city.

Heartsaver CPR Program

Heartsaver CPR is intended for the lay responder, teachers, day care providers, and for persons whose employer requires basic CPR training. This course will teach you the mechanics of cardio pulmonary resuscitation and treatment of an obstructed airway in adults, children and infants. A Heartsaver CPR Manual and Rescue Mask are included in the registration fee. 

A certificate is issued following an 84% passing course grade for the written and skills exam. The certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue. 

The program will be held at Fire Station 5 located at 41625 Ryan Rd. 

Upcoming Dates

Mar. 6, 2024 5-8 p.m. - Register Online

Apr. 3, 2024, 5-8 p.m. - Register Online