Unacceptable Right-of-Way Trees

Acceptable Right-of-Way Trees

Contact the Department of Public Works (DPW) for more information about available right-of-way trees or to request a tree at 586-446-2440 (Option 8).

Unauthorized Right-of-Way Trees

Unauthorized trees are not allowed to be planted on City right-of-ways. Residents who do so will be instructed to remove these trees.

Specie Common Name
All Evergreens (Pine, Fir, Spruce)
Sight line obstruction
Ash (All Species)
Emerald Ash Bore infestation
Birch Disease prone, insects, short lived
Black Cherry
Messy fruit
Black Locust
Weakly attached limbs, thorns, insect prone
Black Walnut, Butternut
Messy fruit
Common Apple, Pear
Messy fruit
Ginkgo (Female)
Messy, smelly fruit
Hickory (Shagbark, Bitternut)
Messy fruit
London Plaintree
Disease prone, frost crack, shedding bark
Mountain Ash Disease prone
Mulberry Messy fruit
Oak, Red, White, Bur
Insect, disease problems, poor structure
Ohio Buckeye
Messy fruit
Red Maple
Weak wood, storm damage, Soil PH intolerant
Russian Olive
Weak wooded, disease problems, poor structure
Sugar Maple
Sensitive to drought, air pollution, salt
Sycamore Disease prone, frost crack, shedding bark

Prohibited Right-of-Way Trees

Specie Common Name
Alianthus - Tree of Heave
Weak wood, storm damage
Box Elder
Disease problems, shallow root system, storm damage
Catalpa Seed pods, disease problems, weak wood
Elm (except hybrids)
Dutch Elm Disease, pest and pathogen susceptibility
Poplar species
Cotton-like seeds, storm damage, shallow root system
Silver Maple
Shallow root system, storm damage, brittle wood, heavy seed litter
Willow species
Shot lived, pest and pathogen susceptibility

Related City Code

For those readers interested in viewing the entire related City Code, please view Chapter 51 Vegetation within the Code of Ordinances.