The City is responsible to maintain all public dedicated utilities, which include sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main systems. Part of these systems can be private or maintained by another agency.

A Right-of-Way (ROW) permit is required for any new work being done by a utility company or any work being done by a builder/developer. Any repair, maintenance, or emergency work by a utility company is exempt from obtaining a ROW permit.

To find service providers available in the Sterling Heights area, resources can be found on inmyarea.com.

The following are possible agencies for other utilities within the City:


Company Phone Number
AT&T 800-244-4444
AT&T U-Verse
Comcast Communications
Wide Open West (WOW!)
HughesNet 877-429-1435


Company Phone Number
Detroit Edison

Street Light Outages

For streetlight outages, report it 24/7 using Detroit Edison's website link, or call the city’s Citizens Contact Center at 586-446-CITY (2489) with the following information during business hours:

  • A specific streetlight location (i.e., the nearest cross roads, nearby business, etc.)
  • Whether the pole is wooden or metal.
  • The streetlight pole number (For metal poles it is located at the base of the streetlight pole and for wood poles it is located approximately 8 feet up the pole)
  • Details about the outage (i.e. light off during the night, light turns on and off at night, light stays on during the day, etc.)

In cases where a pole has been knocked down or any other emergency, please call Detroit Edison at 800-477-4747.

Natural Gas

Company Phone Number
Consumers Energy