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Retailers can see if Sterling Heights proper is a good fit by viewing the population snapshot below. However, retailers looking to be part of the Lakeside Mall development will find that they can attract a broader demographic that comes from the surrounding cities.

Sterling Heights Tapestry Map

From the 2010 census, the Sterling Heights population was 129,699. The average household size in Sterling Heights is 2.61. The median age of this area is 40.4. The median household income here is $58,870 The majority of the population that is found in Sterling Heights consists of; the golden years, salt of the earth, green acres, rustbelt traditions, and comfortable empty nesters categories.

Golden Years: Well educated, low unemployment rate, higher median household income at $61,000, median age: 51, supports art and charities, well connected via the internet.

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Salt of the Earth: Generally employed in construction, manufacturing or other similar service industries, median household income: $53,000, loves to spend time with their families, they are conscious of their costs and spending, are not worried about buying the newest products, they like to focus on eating healthy.

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Green Acres: Median age: 43, mostly married couples who do not have kids, they do not use the Internet as entertainment, but will use it for things such as paying bills, 15% or more of these households are self-employed and have more than one set of income, cautious consumers, they look for durability and good quality products, median household income: $73,000. 

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Rustbelt Traditions: They value time spent at home, most of them have been in the same area for a while, they like to still read newspapers, they are aware of their budgets when shopping, prefer American-made products, about half of this group is married couple families, median age: 38.4, median household income: $49,000.

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Comfortable Empty Nesters: Physically active, also financially active, consciences of maintaining their homes, being online is not important to them, median age: 46.8, median household income: $68,000.

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