City Vision

2030 Visioning

In 2014, the City of Sterling Heights adopted its 2030 Visioning plan in an effort to plan for a prosperous future. The plan now serves as a guide to City staff in all short and long-range planning initiatives.

Vision Statement: A vibrant, inclusive community for residents and businesses that is safe, active, progressive and distinctive. Sterling Heights - a bold vision for an exceptional quality of life.

Guiding Principles:

  • Safe, well maintained and desirable neighborhoods enhanced by great schools
  • Plentiful leisure and recreation opportunities featuring fully utilized parks
  • Abundant pathways for biking and walking
  • Focal points that are both public and private to serve as destinations for residents and visitors
  • Well maintained and aesthetically pleasing roads and green spaces
  • Successful, vibrant and attractive commercial centers with unique offerings
  • Destination for high-tech and emerging industries and entrepreneurs