How are providers chosen/evaluated?
We require all of our providers to have commercial grade equipment and General Liability insurance in the event of an accident. We don’t want unqualified companies plowing your driveway.

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1. How do I sign up?
2. Do I have to contract with Plowz & Mowz for the entire season?
3. Can I order Plowz® or Mowz® for a relative or friend? What if I own multiple properties?
4. What happens in the event of inclement weather?
5. What is the cost for service for a typical driveway?
6. What is the cost for service for a typical yard?
7. How is the price determined?
8. Will I know the cost up front?
9. What is the typical response time upon placing a request for service?
10. Can I get a price for my property before I actually need service?
11. What does Plowz & Mowz™ service include?
12. Does Plowz® service street parking, parking lots, alleyways, sidewalks, walkways, etc?
13. How are providers chosen/evaluated?
14. If I’m not home, how will I know my job is completed?
15. If I order a Plowz, should I stake my driveway?
16. When and how will I be charged?
17. How long will it take a provider to get to my house?
18. Can I cancel service once an order has been placed?