Brownfield Redevelopment Application

The application process to have a site declared contaminated is a 3-step process.
  1. Inquiry about Brownfield Benefits
    • Refer to Economic Development Office at 586-446-2730.
    • A preliminary meeting will be held with the Applicant to ensure completion of the application form.
  2. Review of Application
    • City Contact will disseminate copies of the application form to:
      • City Planning who will determine appropriate zoning/use
      • City Treasurer who will verify potential tax increments captured
      • City Engineer for review of any impact on City operations
    • Review by Brownfield Authority
    • Review by City Council, Public hearing, Council approves or denies
    • Review by DEQ
  3. Implementation
    • The City applies for state grants on behalf of applicant and administers
    • The Brownfield Authority can float bonds or implement "pay as you go" financing
    • Applicant applies for State Single Business Tax Credits
    • Applicant redevelops the site and is reimbursed for only approved eligible costs.