Snow Plowing District Map

Below are the City's Snow Plowing District Maps. Please note that route numbers listed on map are used to identify a driver's section and have no correlation to the order in which area will be plowed. To ensure all residents receive equal service, the phases will be switched for the next snow emergency.

Removal Process

Upon completion of snow removal from major roadways, staff will start plowing neighborhood roads. The Department of Public Works (DPW) will begin in the areas shown in green and labeled Phase 1 on the map. When a Phase 1 area is complete, they will begin snow removal in the blue area labeled Phase 2 of the same route. For each significant snowfall, DPW will switch between District Map A and District Map B so residential streets alternate the order in which they are served.

Snow Removal Timeline

Based on typical snowfall amounts of 4 to 8 inches, the phases should be completed in the following time period, assuming no major changes in the weather or equipment issues:
  • Phase 1 Areas (GREEN): Within 18 to 24 hours of snow plowing commencing
  • Phase 2 Areas (BLUE): Within 36 to 48 hours of snow plowing commencing

Snow Plowing District Map A

Snow Plowing 1

Snow Plowing District Map B

Snow Plowing 2